A "brave" East Greenwich resident is trying to take the council to court over its decision to grant planning permission for the Enderby Wharf cruise liner terminal.

With the help of lawyers the anonymous resident has applied for a judicial review of Greenwich Council’s decision made in December last year.

Supporting residents have sprung into action, launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the legal proceedings which so far has raised more than half of its £6,000 target.

The controversial development was granted despite concerns from campaigners over fears of rising air pollution which they say could affect not just Greenwich but the rest of the capital.

According to the crowdfunding page the resident’s legal challenge is based on claims there has been an "inadequate assessment of the air pollution" that could arise from the terminal.

However Greenwich Councillor Danny Thorpe, cabinet member for Regeneration & Transport, disputed those claims, saying the council carried out extensive research as part of the planning process.

He said Greenwich, like the entirety of the Thames, is subject to the rules of an emissions control area, which imposes limits on the amount of sulphur emitted from vessels on the river.


East Greenwich Residents’ Association (EGRA) member Ian Blore, who set up the online fundraiser, wrote: "Cruise ships are planned to dock for the six summer months, when pollution in London is at its worst, and dirty diesel emissions will affect large populations on both banks of the river."

Green Party candidate for London Mayor, Sian Berry, has lent her support to the campaign.

She said: "It’s astonishing that a Labour local authority and the Conservative Mayor have united to force a cruise terminal on the unwilling residents of Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs, ignoring pleas for the hotelling ships to use clean onshore power rather than dirty diesel fuel.

"I congratulate the brave resident who is standing up to Greenwich Council by applying for judicial review, and I fully support the wider community in its bid to raise financial backing."

However Cllr Thorpe criticised the Green Party for "scaremongering and spreading misinformation for political gain".

Reacting to claims the council ignored the views of residents over Enderby Wharf, he said "it's just not true".

News Shopper:

Sian Berry and Nathalie Bennett from the Green Party.

Cllr Thorpe told News Shopper: "Sadly the Green party are less interested in fact and more interested in fiction.

"We know that air quality is a concern for residents.

"We’re working really hard to make sure Greenwich is the greenest place it can be."

Cllr Thorpe said the real issue is London buses, which he says pose a bigger threat to air quality in Greenwich with the greener models making up less than a third of the current fleet operating in the borough.

Dr Paul Stookes from the law firm Richard Buxton is representing the Greenwich resident.

He said: "The challenge to the planning decision is being defended by Greenwich Council and the developers and therefore the opportunity of an early resolution of the matter has gone.

"The High Court will now proceed to a permission stage, and, if granted set a timetable for a final hearing."