A mother has claimed it is only ‘a matter of time’ before a child dies along a busy stretch of road outside a school.

Charlotte Cowan, 40, blasted Bromley Council for not installing traffic calming measures along Rushmore Hill in Pratts Bottom.

The primary school, in parallel Hookwood Road, is experiencing severe problems with cars speeding, compounded by the fact there is only pavement on one side of the road.

The problem is exacerbated during school pick-up and drop-off times, and after an accident last week Mrs Cowan has demanded action.

The mother-of-two, whose daughter Lily, five, goes to the school, told News Shopper: “Cars have tried to overtake without realising children are trying to cross the road.

“Even when 32 children are trying to cross the road in high-vis they come screeching down the side of the road.

"People come flying down not bothered at all then they see the high-vis tops.

MORE TOP STORIES “Someone is going to get killed. Something needs to happen.

“We have seen cars doing 40mph, they fly through here.

“There are signs but they’re too close to the school, so there’s not enough time for motorists to slow down.

“There was a big accident in front of the school.”

Last week a car trying to turn out of the road was nearly hit by a car coming down the road, which managed to slow in time, but a car behind then crashed into the back of them.

The office manager, from Crofton Lane, added: “The feedback from the council is there’s nothing we can do about it it’s just unfortunate.

“We have to wait until something serious happens and none of the parents are prepared to wait for that.

“If that was my child I swear to god Bromley council would not know where they’ve been hit from.

News Shopper:

“They’re saying a child needs to be seriously injured or die.

“It should be 20mph, there should be some humps to slow people down we would like a lollipop lady.”

They have been pressuring the council for action, and on Wednesday (March 2) councillor for Chelsfield and Pratts Bottom, Keith Onslow, visited the school to listen to concerns.

Headteacher Deborah Smith, who took up the post in September, outlined speeding was an ongoing problem.

She said: “It’s really putting our children’s’ lives in dangers. A vehicle was recorded doing 56mph.

“We’re having to put parents and teachers in danger standing in the middle of the road where cars come thundering down.

“I think it’s even more dangerous than an accident waiting to happen, last week an accident did happen.

News Shopper:

“The local authority won’t give us a crossing lady because it’s too dangerous for that person to stand in the road but ok for our teachers and parents and children to stand?

“There are families with pushchairs it’s just totally unacceptable.

“We’re very concerned. It’s absolutely critical we need a speed camera.”

She added any traffic measures which were in place have either been removed Some parents have written to Orpington MP Jo Johnson over the issue.

Councillor Colin Smith, executive councillor for environment, said: “We are aware of local concerns although the fact of the matter remains that the road safety record in the immediate vicinity is actually quite good. 

"Consideration is currently being given to the erection of some form of signage, albeit that possibility isn’t assisted by the limited availability of electrical connections.

"It should be noted that the Police have already carried out some speed enforcement in Rushmore Hill."