We all need a bit of relief after the chaos of the January sales and there were reports of consumers flouting Black Friday late last year, but a shop in Lee Green appears to be taking disdain for sales to a new level.

WAR Gallery on Eltham Road is advertising a sale of “up to 1 per cent off everything”.

A bemused Kelly Saunders, from Plumstead, took a snap of the special offer and posted it in the Facebook group S*** London.

She told News Shopper: “Well, I thought to myself ‘It’s got to be a gimmick’. I had to double check that it said one per cent.”

Other Londoners were quick to put in their two pennies’ worth and on the potential for bargain hunting.

Connie Gurney wrote in S*** London: “Then they’ll charge you 5p for the bag and you are all square again.”

James Daly commented on the picture: “It’s probably a sale for Tories and their benefactors.

“They think 1 per cent is a lot.”

The latter is probably the closest to the reaction intended by artist Darren Cullen, who uses the shop as his studio and gallery.

The 32-year-old opened WAR in mid December and says he put up the sale poster in January as a satirical jab at the sale season.


He told News Shopper: “I studied advertising – but then I realised it was evil.

“I’m fascinated by advertising and the manipulation of it.

“Sales is a way of clearing out stock, there aren’t really many bargains to be had.

“I’ve had people coming in and asking me if it was a mistake.

“I’ve had people sticking their heads in and just laughing at the sign.”

Mr Cullen opened what he describes as a “weird gallery” as the next satirical venture after his last installation, Pocket Money Loans at Banksy’s Dismaland.

News Shopper:

Photo credit: Mark Tolson

As well as putting on art exhibitions and selling small-press comic books, the studio will provide fine art printing and booklet-making services to artists and activists – with a discount for political content.

Mr Cullen is also currently working on opening an anti-Thatcher museum in response to the David Cameron-backed Margaret Thatcher Centre.