As well as producing many great photos, our bid to prove this area has the best looking people has also created some very nice moments.

A lot of entrants have nominated themselves for our ‘most attractive’ search - and we hope a lot more will follow their lead.

But what’s been really touching about our quest so far is the number of people who have put someone else forward, mostly in the name of paying a loved one a compliment.

We’ve had parents submitting photos of their grown-up kids, and vice versa.

We’ve had husbands and wives nominating their beautiful spouses.

And we’ve had friends and work colleagues nominating one another.

In fact, we’ve been inundated with pictures of both sexes from across the News Shopper area including a wide range of ages along with many different looks and styles.

Each person featured is gorgeous in their own individual way – something that shines through when you view the gallery above.

We’re grateful to everyone whose picture we’ve used so far and it seems the positivity extends both ways, with one contestant sending us this heart-warming message: “Thank you for putting me on there, it’s really cheered me up during a tough time.

“It’s a great idea, nice to see something positive and people being nice to each other.”


To recap, this all started when we saw the people of Brighton had been voted the hottest in the country (albeit by themselves).

We felt the poll that revealed this was wrong because the great looking people of south-east London and north Kent would have hands-down winners had this area been included.

So to show where the most beautiful people really live we’ve been putting photos of you hot lot on our website.

Ultimately this is a fairly meaningless point to prove – but we’re having fun doing it, and we hope you’ve been enjoying sharing your pictures, seeing yourself in the gallery or browsing through all the photos if you haven’t taken part yourself yet.

It’s not too late to get yourself into this or nominate someone you know (with their permission of course).

To enter, email a photo along with the person’s name, age, where they live and contact details (email and phone) to Entrants must be at least 18.

This will all culminate in a public vote later in March when everyone will be able to pick their favourite photo and will lead to us crowning the most dashing man and dazzling woman in the News Shopper area.

Each winner will be awarded a £75 prize.