More than 100 gorgeous people have now joined our mission to prove the most attractive people are in south-east London and north Kent.

Get ready for your jaw to drop as you browse with awe through the gallery above showing all the photos so far, which have been submitted by entrants themselves or by friends and family members.

Not only are we looking to show off how great looking the people of this area are, we’re also building towards crowning the most attractive man and woman from across the News Shopper patch.

We still want lots more nominations, then once it reaches the point when there’s almost too much hotness to handle we’ll close the entries.

After that voting will open to decide the most dashing fella and dazzling lady from all the photos.

Do you know anyone, yourself included, who is a hottie?

To enter, email a photo along with the person’s name, age, where they live and contact details (email and phone) to Entrants must be at least 18 – and if you’re nominating someone else make sure you have their permission first.

This is all meant as a bit of fun, but at the end a cash prize of £75 will go to each of the two winners, so they can have a night out with mates, take their other half for a meal or just treat themselves to a little something.

The YouGov poll which started this – in which the people of Brighton voted themselves the best looking in the country – stated that “of course, there are other humanistic qualities that are of more value”.

We agree there is much more to people than just looks but at the same time we think you are ALL gorgeous in your own style and there is nothing wrong with highlighting that.