A cat beheaded in the latest suspected slaying by the so-called cat killer of Croydon may been targeted in a “sexually motivated” attack, the family who found it claim.

The decapitated moggy was spotted by 14-year-old girl after apparently being dumped in a front garden in Carshalton, south London.

The killer is thought to have struck in Crystal Palace last month after two cats and a fox were reportedly found beheaded by a street cleaner, all in a 200m radius of Stoney Lane.

Schoolgirl Elicia Emans screamed in terror after finding the latest cat in a front garden on Monday last week while walking her aunt’s dog. It is not known who owned the cat. 

WARNING: If you scroll down you may find the photo below distressing.

Elicia’s aunt, Susan Vodden, said: “My niece was screaming and shouting on the phone, and I didn’t believe her until she sent through some photographs.

“I was so horrified. My friend Amber had her cat killed too, I have no doubt that this was a repeat attack.”

Miss Vodden, 40, believes the killer may have had depraved sexual motivations.

She said: “I have read about the attacks and I am convinced it was sexually motivated.

“I have read about horrible things like this on Reddit, and psychos like that often get some sort of sexual pleasure from what they do.”

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Miss Vodden called South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty rescue shelter, which has been compiling details of the killings.

The shelter’s co-founder Tony Jenkins collected the cat and took it to a vet for analysis. 

He said: “The cat’s head was cleanly cut off, and the tail was also removed.

“The wounds proves, I think, that there was no chance the animal would have been attacked by a fox, for instance, and it looked as though it was placed on the driveway purposefully because there was no sign of fresh blood in the area.”

A Metropolitan Police confirmed it was called to Titchfield Road but a spokesman said the cat’s body had already been remvoed.

The force is investigating multiple killings in Croydon and the surrounding area over the past few months. 

A vet said last week he believes some of the cats had been lured to their deaths using raw chicken.