Yet more photos have been coming in to help us prove this area has the hottest people - but let's keep going.

We're aiming to show the people of Brighton, Cardiff and Liverpool who think a lot of themselves according to a YouGov poll that the most attractive folk are actually here in south-east London and north Kent.

Whether if it's genes, something in the water or good looking people naturally being drawn to this area, we can't say, but we know we're right.

Our brilliant readers have been doing a great job of backing us up by sending in photos of their beautiful selves.

See all the pictures we've had so far in the gallery of gorgeousness above or here.

There's more to come though, because we haven't had your picture yet have we? What are you waiting for? You look lovely so it would be a great shame not to include you.

If you're too shy or modest to take part yourself, why not nominate someone you know (with permission of course).

To take part, email a photo along with your or the other person’s name, age, where you/they live and contact details (email and phone) to Entrants must be at least 18.

In a couple of weeks’ time we’ll be starting a vote for people to choose their favourite photo, which will lead to us crowning the most dashing man and dazzling woman in the News Shopper area.

Whether you just want to help us make our point or join in the competition, get those stunning photos to us now!