See the first super 60 sexy photos showing this area and not Brighton or anywhere else has the best looking people in the country.

We were spurred into action after seeing the news that the poor deluded people who live in the Sussex city had voted themselves the hottest in the UK, with the residents of Cardiff and Liverpool clearly fancying themselves a lot too.

The YouGov poll which came up with these crazy findings focused only on cities, meaning the south-east London and north Kent area missed out.

To set the record straight and prove the most beautiful people can of course be found around here (duh!), we’re showing you off by asking you to send in your best photos to run on our website.

And to add some extra spice, we’re making it a search for the most attractive man and woman in the News Shopper area.

And when you think about it, if we’re right about this part of the world having the most gorgeous people, our winners will actually be the most attractive people in the country – the best of the best.

We’ve been very impressed by the quantity and quality of the nominations sent in so far – browse through the gallery above or here to see the high standards that have been set.

Do you know anyone, yourself included, who’s a bit of a looker?

To enter, email a photo along with the person’s full name, age, where they live and contact details (email and phone) to Entrants must be at least 18 – and if you’re nominating someone else make sure you have their permission first.

Pictures will go into the gallery on our website that will undoubtedly outshine anything Brighton folk can manage, and later we will announce a vote for people to choose their favourites.

To say thanks for being good sports and well done on being so unquestionably pretty or handsome, a cash prize of £75 will go to each of the two winners so they can have a night out with mates, take their other half for a meal or just treat themselves to a little something.

To any naysayers, we know there are much more important qualities than looks – we’re just standing up for our area’s fine people as of course we should.