Hungry vegetarians have been left confused by the menu at a Burger King store - which is offering chicken on its non-meat menu.

The fast food giant's Gravesend store is reportedly advertising a crispy chicken salad - on its "veggie and fish" board.

Dave Warren, who snapped a picture of the sign in Thamesgate shopping centre on Thursday (February 18), first spotted the mistake when he was reading the options out to his vegetarian friend.

He told News Shopper: "I was reading the veggie menu out to my friend.

"I didn't notice when I said it. She just glared at me - then I noticed why."

Mr Warren tweeted Burger King, saying: "Crispy Chicken Salad is veggie option? Are you sure?"

However, non-meat eaters need not fear.

The Gravesend store still offers a veggie bean burger, veggie wrap, king fish sandwich, and garden salad - all genuine pescatarian options.

The manager at the Burger King store said: "It doesn't say it's just a vegetarian menu.

News Shopper:

"It says veggie and fish."

The chain's head office has been contacted for comment.

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