Can you believe those cheeky people in Brighton have had the brass neck to vote themselves the best looking in the country?

They might be able to prance about on a beach thinking they look fab, but that doesn’t make them hot.

Research by YouGov asked people in 15 cities whether they think their fellow residents are attractive.

And you’ve guessed it, more people in the Sussex city answered yes than anywhere else, although it was a close-run thing and the people of Cardiff and Liverpool also fancy themselves a fair bit.

Now, we’re not saying the people of Brighton are all mingers, but clearly the research was flawed.

Had it spread out and looked a little closer we’re pretty sure it would have found the most beautiful population is actually here, in south-east London and north Kent.

You only have to wander around anywhere with your eyes open to see that’s true.

You live here so you agree what we’re saying is right, and you would have answered a firm yes to the question.

This area would have scored much higher than 74 per cent thinking the people where they live are attractive.

News Shopper:

Some of the entries The Argus had when it searched for the most attractive man and woman in Sussex, where people have rated themselves the best looking in the country


To prove our point we’re seeking to put lots of pictures of gorgeous local people on our website over the next few weeks – and that could include you.

We’re launching a search to find the most dashing man and dazzling woman in News Shopperland.

You can nominate yourself or someone you know (with their permission).

To enter, email a photo along with the person’s name, age, where they live and contact details (email and phone) to Entrants must be at least 18.

Pictures will go into a gallery on our website that will undoubtedly outshine anything Brighton folk can manage, and later we will announce a vote for people to choose their favourites.

A cash prize of £75 will go to each of the two winners, so they can have a night out with mates, take their other half for a meal or just treat themselves to a little something.

YouGov says of its poll “of course, there are other humanistic qualities that are of more value” – and we completely agree, but we couldn’t just allow the gorgeousness of all of you to be overlooked without doing something about it, could we? It wouldn’t be right.