After featuring hundreds of lost pubs, we now turn our attention to some of the many south-east London shops that have closed down and been left derelict.

Paul Talling’s website shows views of everyday London that you’re unlikely to see on postcards or in visitor guides, but it still provides a fascinating tour of the capital nonetheless.

Among the thousands of images of abandoned, rundown buildings are shops which have closed their doors and disappeared from our streets.

With a tinge of sadness, we’ve found 30 of them from around the News Shopper patch – obviously just a small sample of the businesses that have fallen by the wayside in recent years.

Scroll through the photo gallery above.

We hope at least some of these shops have been able to resume trading elsewhere and that the sorry looking sites left behind are now back in use.

But with the continued homogenisation of our high streets, the switch to online shopping and other pressures facing small retailers, it’s likely a lot of these and other local shops have gone for good.

Which shops in your area have you been upset to see shutting down? Add your comments below, or send your memories and pictures of your favourite old SE London shops to us.

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