A man knifed to death in Plumstead was stabbed several times with multiple weapons, a jury has heard.

Ahmed Ahmed, 24, died on August 10 last year after being fatally injured outside Turton House, the block of flats where he lived in Barnfield Road.

Khalid Hashi, 22, Hamza Dodi, 24, Osman Mohamed, 20, Sazzad Khan, 20, Hussein Roble, 18 and Onyema Olisa, 20, are all accused of his murder.

Hashi 'Van Damme', of Fennel Street, Dodi, of Herbert Road, Mohamed 'Ratface', of Llanover Street, Roble 'Stewie', of Wrottesley Road, all from Woolwich, Khan 'Gambino', of no fixed abode, and Olisa 'Realz ', of Malton Street, Plumstead, deny the charge.

The jury at the Old Bailey today (February 8) was told a friend of Mr Ahmed's, Monzir Mohamed, was in a car near Mr Ahmed's house, where he lived with his mother and sisters.

Mr Mohamed was confronted by a large group of males, which the prosecution claims Hashi, Mohamed, Khan and Dodi were part of.

Prosecuting, Sarah Whitehouse QC said: "One of the group put his hands around Monzir's neck.

"The group became more aggressive. Monzir was told it was 'either you or Ahmed'."

The jury was shown phone footage of the group grabbing Mr Mohamed's arm, pulling him towards Turton House.

As they approached they were joined by another group, with scarves covering their faces and their hoods up.

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Miss Whitehouse said: "Members of the attacking group tried to force the communal door into the flats.

"Some were shouting 'bring the guy down'."

A resident, Fowsiya Harbii, was returning home and recognised Roble and Mohamed in the group.

Describing what Miss Harbii saw, Miss Whitehouse said: "His (Roble) face was covered, he was wearing gloves and holding an object around 14 inches in length down by his side."

Mr Ahmed's sister, Ayan Abdi, saw the group from their home on the third floor, and heard a commotion as they managed to get inside.

Miss Whitehouse told the court: "Ahmed Ahmed had come downstairs and it seems simply opened the door to them.

"He appears to have had no idea of what was about to happen."

Relaying what Ms Harbii saw, Miss Whitehouse continued: "She saw Ahmed coming down the stairs.

MORE TOP STORIES "She saw him push the door release button as if he was planning to go outside and talk to them. He never got outside.

"The young men rushed in an attacked him.

"Miss Harbii saw Hussein Roble, Osman Mohamed... trying to get Ahmed Ahmed onto the floor.

"She saw a black male... lunge towards Ahmed with a kitchen knife."

She says others then "swarmed" Mr Ahmed. Mr Mohamed was able to escape and sought refuge in a shop.

His sister, Ms Abdi, looked out her window and saw her brother lying on the floor, partially in the communal doorway, bleeding and shouting for help.

The 24-year-old had been stabbed repeatedly in the thigh, and it is possible up to three different weapons were used, including a screwdriver.

It took only 12 minutes from when Mr Mohamed was taken from his car to when the attack was over.

Emergency services were called at 6.25pm, and found Mr Ahmed bleeding heavily.News Shopper:

He went into cardiac arrest and paramedics performed emergency surgery at the scene, which restarted his heart.

He was taken to hospital and despite the best efforts of doctors he was pronounced dead just after 8pm.

Back at the scene all the defendants allegedly fled, some caught on CCTV leaving the area.

Hashi and Mohammed both had to report to Plumstead police station and Hashi took a cab straight there, with CCTV showing him at the station at 6.32pm.

He was the first to be arrested on August 12, Dodi and Roble were arrested the next day, and Olisa the day after that, August 14.

Mohamed left for France the day after that attack, and was arrested upon his return on August 15, when he handed himself in.

Khan was last to be arrested on September 17.

Hashi, Mohamed, Roble, Olisa replied no comment to all questions in their first interview.

In September a former drug user, Lee Aston Martin, came forward and told police a group, allegedly including Olisa, had robbed him and threatened to "shank him".

He said he believes he was a target due to an earlier conversation with Olisa, during which Olisa was wearing surgical gloves, a face mask and pretending to stab Mr Aston Martin with a small knife.

Mr Aston Martin claims, after he asked about the murder, Olisa told him: "I shanked that little bitch up, it f****d up my borer [knife]. Andrea got rid of my s**t."

The trial continues.