Asda has responded to a sneaky speller who left a hidden message for Gravesend shoppers on Sunday (January 31), encouraging them to ditch the store for a rival supermarket.

News Shopper:

Apparently unimpressed by the superstore's selection, the prankster re-arranged letter candles on a shelf to spell: 'Help, go to Morrisons'.

Bemused customer Rob Bradley, who lives in Ingress Park, spotted the arrangement and stopped to snap a picture.

The 43-year-old told News Shopper: "It made me laugh that someone had taken the time to write it.

"I have tried before in Greenhithe, but they never have enough letters.

"This was impressive work, and the fact that there were three staff working in that aisle who were completely clueless to it."

Now, Asda staff have come up with a brilliant candle response to the message - packed full of puns.

News Shopper:

"Be scentsible", it says - and "stay wick us".