Shock and awe reverberated across Orpington when the face of Jesus mysteriously appeared in the Waste4Fuel mountain.

Just kidding. But residents have been treated to a series of tongue-in-cheek photos created by the self-styled Phantom Photoshopper.

Since being uploaded to Orpington Gossip on Facebook on Saturday (January 23), the images have gone viral and been shared hundreds of times.

Uploaded under the caption it was now ‘Kent’s number one tourist attraction’, there was mixed reaction to the divine apparition.

The putrid pile of rubbish, in Cornwall Drive, has been the blight of residents’ lives for many years despite repeated calls and campaigns to clear it.

Steven Field posted: “This is more likely to happen than them clearing it.”

While Steve Borkwood praised the artist, writing: “Nice photoshop skills hats off to whoever did that.”

News Shopper:

Others were assured of its fakery as it ‘was not on fire’ in the spoof shot.

Some thought the faux image downplayed the real struggle for those living under its stinking shadow.

Paul Holmes said: “I don't understand how something like this stinking, rat-infested dump that is so close to people's houses manages to get past planning permission, the environmental health agency, human rights legislation.”


Other satirical snaps involved a giant crater opening up off the High Street, near the war memorial.

Captioned ‘underground river devastates Orpington High Street, good news town is granted spa status’, Phil Power replied: “Oh photoshop nearly fell for it”.

News Shopper:

Hutch Fegan also wrote: “I’ve just shown this pic to my 71-year-old mother-in-law, She thinks it’s real.”

Others laughed at ‘another pothole’ in the town, and some joked about the new ‘open air swimming pool’ as a way to brighten up people’s day.

Finally, UFOs appeared in Orpington.

Posted as ‘aliens invade Orpington in search for intelligent life’, many people were quick to respond that our green friends were wasting their time, or left quickly.

News Shopper:

Caroline Bartholomew mused: “Maybe they wanted a Morley’s chicken meal’.

Meanwhile Dave Burgess reckoned: “I heard their flying saucer got stolen by chavs, it was later found burnt out in the woods.”

Have you seen any real aliens, giant potholes or the face of Jesus? Get in touch.