A Hartley football team is on a two-year winning streak - despite the players being no older than nine.

Hartley De Sales football club's U9s team, based in Church Road, are dominating the Maidstone league as their unbeaten record of 48 match wins and two draws continues.

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The boys from Hartley play by the rules on and off the pitch

Team coach Jason Lyons, 48 of Woodlands in Sevenoaks said: "The record is pretty amazing - they have done really well.

"All the kids are naturally talented and our philosophy is 'put them on the pitch with a smile on their face'.

"We try and make the kids happy - that’s key."

Mr Lyons added: "We don’t allow the parents to shout from the sidelines - we have played teams where kids come off crying - we would never let that happen at Hartley - we’re there to help.

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Team coach Jason Lyons, 48 of Woodlands in Sevenoaks

"Our parents are absolutely fantastic, because they trust in us and that relieves some of the pressure that most other managers probably face."

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48 wins and counting for the Hartley youngsters

The coach, who once played for West Ham United's U17s squad, praised the efforts of assistant coach Rick Wilkinson, 52, and 21-year-old trainer Salastyn David who have supported the boys throughout their winning streak.

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Trainer Salastyn David, 21, is dedicated to the club as are the coaches

Sarah Hori, 37 of Rudland Road in Bexleyheath - whose son James, nine, plays for the team - has also applauded the club and its coaches for their tireless efforts.

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Hartley De Sales football club's U9s team based in Church Road

Mrs Hori said: "They're all a nice group of boys - they have a great friendship and a great bond.

"They work as a team on and off the pitch which is why I think they do so well.

"It's also due to the coaches who put so much effort into it - they always have the boys' best interests at heart - the winning is great but it's because they play proper football."

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The team have done so well because they work together 

Mr Lyons and U6s coach, Jim Bartley, took over the running of the club three years ago and have been instrumental in its success.

The boys are hoping to move up to face teams in the U11s league a year early - but will the winning streak continue?