Arachnophobes in Penge have been feeling the heebie-jeebies after posters appeared on trees saying a huge pet spider has gone missing in the area.

The signs, which have been stuck on trees around residential areas warn that a large spider called Fennu has disappeared from its owner’s home.

The posters, which are being treated as a practical joke, ask anyone who sees the spider in their homes not to scare it and to call the owner.

Several digits of the mobile number displayed on the appeals have been torn off – suggesting the missing creepy crawly is just a hoax.

One poster, which has an image of a massive spider crawling along a man’s face, reads: “My pet spidor [sic] go missing last night. She is not danger. Please not scare.

“She named Fennu. Please call if you see in your home. Call mobile.”

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One of the missing spider posters seen in Penge (Photo credit: Ashley Beck)

Facebook user Thomas Michael Joseph Byrne, who shared an image of one of the appeals, wrote: “[Saw this] near Station Road. Joke or not this gave me the heebee-geebees.”

Earlier this month, pranksters apologised for using fake posters to spark fears that a deadly black mamba snake was on the loose in King's Cross.

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