Editor Andrew Parkes has a number of thoughts every week, here are just five of them.

1. An excuse I heard this week made my blood boil. Some thoughtless moron actually had the audacity to claim he was justified to drop litter because he didn’t think there were enough bins. I bet he was lying, but I don’t care if there wasn’t a single bin within 100 miles it’s still not an excuse.

2. The race to become London Mayor is really hotting up. I’m not claiming a favourite, but the ‘BackZac’ campaign is certainly the most vociferous. Trouble is, every time I get an email or alert from BackZac I can’t help feeling the word crack is missing from the title, and I’m not talking about the class A drug.

3. As we move another week deeper into 2016 I suspect most of our resolutions have already slipped. But for some reason the new year has seen me aquire new tastes – more specifically, new musical tastes. If you haven’t heard Elle King yet then you really should. Even more surprising is that from nowhere I’ve rediscovered the Stone Roses. Can’t believe I didn’t fully appreciate their genius previously.

4. I’d like to place on record my thanks to Juliet Chaplin for her very sound medical advice. However, I’ve now found that I get all the relief I need from Darcey Bussell. Or to be more specific from Darcey’s Pilates DVD. I know, I know, I would have poo pooed it too, but having tried it I am 100 per cent converted. Pilates is the best thing for a dodgy back and any sufferers should try it.

5. Finally, just heard a story about a council asphalting over grass verges because it is fed up of the constant dog fouling. Well, let me tell you, the answer to dog poo is not to asphalt every green space. The much better, more sensible solution is to fine and shame dog owners to such an extent they are disuaded from ever committing the same crime again.

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