A new type of adrenaline-packed adventure is unfolding in Gravesend thanks to one loved-up couple. Could you keep your cool during a 60 minute mission to break free from a padlocked panic room? 

Childhood sweethearts of 10 years, Alex Souter, 25, and Monique Souter, 27, of Singlewell Road, discovered the game honeymooning across the east coast of America last year.

They loved it so much that during their romantic three weeks in autumn they completed 24 different panic room challenges - totalling 24 hours of back-to-back code-breaking.

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Enter if you think you have what it takes to break the panic room

The concept of the game is simple - you become part of an exciting tale in which you have 60 minutes locked in a room to solve clues and mysteries in order to escape.

If players work well enough as a team to break the puzzles and resolve the riddles they are set free - failure is not an option.

Mr Souter said: "Think Crystal Maze meets Murder Mysteries.

"It is a unique experience - a lot of entertainment is very passive but with this you’re in there and you're in control.

"It is those moments when you’re really stuck on something and you’re working it out and then those ‘aha’ moments come.

"There is not enough stuff to keep people in Gravesend - but the panic room is and it’s for everyone."

Mrs Souter added: "It’s like being in an action film without the danger of actually getting hurt.

"We completed our first panic room in 59 minutes and 59 seconds - we loved it so much because it’s a physical and mental challenge working as a team.

"I love computer games too - solving quests - panic room is kind of like that but doing one of those quests in real life.

"You're breaking your brain over it and then you get that eureka moment.

"Obviously we have done so many of ourselves we know what works and what does not work - we’re trying to make all the clues make sense to the storyline - there’s no fun in finding a key and lock and another - there needs to be more to it."

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After 10 years the couple tied the knot and have set up this exciting adventure together

The couple’s panic room has been set up in the business suite of Gravesend Old Town Hall. 

It has received five-star reviews since opening on January 4 and is currently catering for teams of between two and eight people.

If you’re interested in cracking the codes and busting out of the Gravesend panic room visit thepanicroom.net