Editor Andrew Parkes has a number of thoughts every week, here are just five of them.

1. As I write this I am very out of breath due to the ridiculous number of steps I just climbed. Have you noticed how many people got Fitbits for Christmas? There’s hardly a wrist without one. There may be debate about their accuracy, but if you’re even slightly competitive you won’t be able to deny they work from a pychological point of view.

2. Which brings me to point two, due to the aforementioned gift, I went for a run in the mud and rain yesterday, only to fall A over T into a huge pile of filthy, sludgy mud. As I slipped, I grabbed wildly at a barbed wire fence with my right hand. A dozen festering puncture wounds leaves me feeling getting fit isn’t as good for you as I thought.

3. What sad news about Mr Bowie. My favourite David B story came from my much-loved, and sadly-missed, news editor Roger Wright (a true gentleman) who had a remarkable claim to fame. When Roger’s band played Beckenham’s Rat & Parrott, Bowie was also on the bill – but only as Roger’s support act.

4. Next on my list of things to do is to write to a reader about our coverage of an inquest. Nothing seems to cause more complaints. This is hardly surprising, but local newspapers have always claimed they have a duty to report inquests, even if it tough for the family and friends of the deceased. On balance I still feel it is an important part of what we do, but I seem to be in an increasing minority. What do you think, should newspapers report on inquests?

5. Perhaps I’m looking back with rose-coloured spectacles, but as a youngster I remember gloriously hot summers and a decent amount of snowfall every winter. Either my memory is shot or we really are experiencing climate change. On the plus side, the amount of rain we get now must mean hose pipe bans will be well and truly consigned to the history books.

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