A mischievous cat has been photographed in Brockley Sainsbury’s once again – this time hanging out above the pizzas and ready meals.

The security-evading feline was caught on camera sat amongst the fruit pastilles and M&M’s on a confectionary shelf, back in November.

Now, the grumpy grimalkin has been pictured glaring down at shoppers from above a fridge full of pizzas, garlic bread and ready meals.

The puss is believed to be something of a resident at the supermarket in Mantle Road. 

Twitter user Nigel Thornberry, who posted the photos of the cat on Wednesday (January 6), said: “The cat has come back to Brockley Sainsbury’s.”

Another man joked: “He’s always there at seven o’clock when the fish gets reduced.”

One Twitter user, Nick Ashworth, even gave the menacing cat its own “Deal With It” meme.

While the cat seems to have become a more permanent fixture at the supermarket, it's left some shoppers concerned about health and safety.

News Shopper:

(Photos by Jenny Stevens and Nathan Roberts)

Twitter user Rae wrote: "Eww, really unhygienic. Glad I don't shop there."

Another named Heather said: "Er, health and safety?! Lol."

But Luton South MP Gavin Shuker replied: "I look forward to you explaining such a concept to a cat."