A very happy new year to you all. I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic festive break, here’s to an even better year in 2016.

1. It might not be quite as cold as usual, but it is still pretty miserable out there and I could not help but notice there seem to be more homeless people on the streets than ever before. Those compiling the stats do not seem to be able to agree, leaving charities to argue it out, but I definitely think numbers are up in south London.

2. I realise I am fast approaching old age, at least that is what it feels like. My joints, particularly my knees, ache like hell at the moment. Like most blokes there is no way I will trouble the doctor, it is probably just the onset of arthritis. But does anyone know if joint pain is affected by the weather or is it just an old wives’ tale?

3. Everyone makes mistakes, including the police and the NHS. But please can we get one thing straight, when we hear about cops or health professionals paying out large lumps of compensation, it is not them losing out, it is us. This is not their money, it is public money put into the system by all of us. It is our money being paid out in compensation to victims.

4. Apparently the London Eye is now sponsored by Coca Cola – who knew? I’ve just received a press release explaining when Coke’s Thameside landmark will re-open in January. The company tells me it’s been the official sponsor for a whole year. Resolution to self, keep up with the news in 2016 and question why large landmarks are now lit up in red lights.

5. I could make predictions for 2016, but if I do Arsenal will immediately suffer injuries and Elton John will have another great year. So, I’ll make just one prediction to cover the next 30 years. At the rate our scientific world is progressing I reliably predict that within my lifetime we will develop and start using teleportation. And, by the time we get it, surely Arsenal will have finally won the league and Elt’s life will have moved on.

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