Sydenham paedophile Rolf Harris has forked out for an expensive legal team to appeal his prison sentence.

Harris, 85, was jailed in 2014 for five years and nine months after being convicted of a string of sex attacks on girls as young as seven.

The Sun reported that the disgraced entertainer has hired a team of pricey lawyers in an attempt to appeal his sentence.

The paper quoted a source as saying: “Rolf is willing to spend every penny of his fortune to try and get out.

“He’s replaced most of his old legal team with highly-successful individuals he had recommended to him and is telling associates he believes he can potentially see victory in an appeal.”


The native Australian, reportedly worth £15 million, is said to have replaced most of his legal team as part of his get out of jail strategy.

While behind bars, where he was recently hospitalised after a chocolate overdose, he is said to have made £76,000 as head of an investment firm.

RHE Investments Ltd, which is half owned by Harris and his wife Alwen, and the other half by family trusts, saw its assets increase by £76,604 to £7,246,843.

Lawyer Liz Dux, who represents his victims, told the paper: “That he continues to make money is an insult to those he assaulted.”