A beloved pub which was illegally knocked down by developers is hoped to be listed by the community to stop any adverse use of the site.

The Greyhound pub, in Kirkdale, was recklessly bulldozed by developer Purelake with no permission, causing Lewisham Council to haul them before the courts.

The 18th century listed building, which had stood at the site for hundreds of years, was destroyed leaving just the front wall intact in 2012.

After their prosecution by the council, they were fined £5,000 and made to pay £13,000 costs and a campaign was launched to rebuild the historic pub.

This year, three years after it was knocked down, work finally began on restoring the public house to its former glory.


But Purelake previously gained permission to build flats on the site, along with redeveloping the pub itself.

And with work progressing on the pub, the Sydenham Society has submitted an application to list the building as an asset of community value (ACV) – pre-empting any move by the developers to turn it into a café or restaurant.

An ACV designates a building of particular importance to a local community, and gives it added protection from development.

Going in last week, Steve Grindlay, from the society, said they were confident the application be accepted.

Mr Grindlay told News Shopper: “We submitted it to make sure it stays as a pub. We don’t want a restaurant there, we have enough restaurants and bistros in Sydenham.

“We want it to stay as a pub, that’s what it’s been for the past 300 years, we want it to remain.”

News Shopper:

The site being rebuilt

He said they had been ‘assured’ it would open sometime next year, but there are fears over what it will open as.

Mr Grindlay added: “We just want to ensure there can be no alternative.

“There was a suggestion the rebuild may be bistro or shop.

“There’s just concern they [Purelake] might carry on with this approach, the community does want to make sure that it remains a pub.”

But Lewisham councillor Liam Curran is going one step further, telling News Shopper he will asking mayor Sir Steve Bullock to apply an Article 4 Direction for the pub.

The aim is to ensure ‘high quality architectural features and ensure that changes are undertaken sympathetically’, and restricts certain types of works.

Coun Curran said: “I’m supporting the Sydenham Society in their application.

News Shopper:

Nearly finished

“Purelake may apply for a change of use into a Costa or something. We don’t need a chain, we have independent coffee shops.

“But an ACV is probably not enough protection to stop it being turned into a coffee chain, and we want it to be a pub so we’re asking for an article 4 direction.

“It was 2007 we first campaigned against the sale of the pub, when it opens next yeah it will be nine years of campaigning.

“Purelake illegally demolished it.”

News Shopper tried to contact Purelake for a comment, and they refused to disclose the name of who is dealing with the project.