So how has 2015 been for you? It’s been an interesting one for PubSpy and now it’s time to reward the best drinking holes lucky enough to have received a visit.

If truth be told, the last 12 months have not been filled with miraculous highs nor, pleasingly, desperate lows.

Whereas in the past we have seen some real shockers and some genuine rotters, for the most part the pubs I’ve visited this year have been a decent OK.

Maybe that’s because we’ve yet to visit some of region’s highly promising micropubs – don’t worry, I’m coming for you in 2016.

The Golden Pint

And so, to the award (there’s no trophy, soz) for the best pub reviewed by PubSpy this year.

January started nicely with a trip to Forest Hill’s Railway Telegraph which, despite some eery taxidermy (one of the pub trends of the year), felt like arriving at a cosy Camelot.

Exceedingly good staff in waistcoats, impeccable food and a large selection of drinks made my trip a pleasure.

The White Hart in Crystal Palace was incredibly trendy, fine looking, loaded with great booze and busy with events like quizzes and music. I also made a friend, so bonus points for that.

Another pub that delighted but put a strain on my wallet was The Wood House in Sydenham Hill. Massive, immaculate, and serving the best bangers and mash I have ever eaten, it was a strong candidate.

THE WINNER: The White Hart, Crystal Palace