A Belvedere schoolboy had to allegedly walk three miles home after he was chucked off a bus – despite having an Oyster card.

Jon Wentworth, 46, of Downbank Avenue, Bexleyheath, could not believe it when his son John, 15, was turned away by a 229 bus driver because his Oyster did not scan properly on November 26.

Jon Wentworth and his son John

The Bexleyheath Academy student was waiting for the bus in Bexleyheath Broadway at 5pm and didn’t get home for another hour.

The dad-of-two said: “John tried to get on as usual from school but his Oyster card wouldn't scan properly so the driver told him he couldn’t travel.

“The fact that the card’s got a picture of him, the expiry date of September 2016 and he was in school uniform makes it obvious that he is a child – it’s ridiculous.

“John was annoyed and frustrated because he had to walk about three miles to get home to his mum’s house in Belvedere.

“When my younger son James was ten, he managed to break his Oyster card in half, you know what young kids are like, and he wasn’t allowed on the bus either.

“I’m absolutely fuming – what if something happened to John on his way home?"

Mr Wentworth claimed it was the third time in three years that his sons have been refused travel.

He also spoke about his concern for other school children taking buses.

He added: “I’m worried for other children that might have to walk home in the dark on a winter's night.

“Bus companies should have a duty to get children home safely.

“I would say to the driver, imagine if this was someone from your family, how would you feel if he or she had to walk home on a cold night?

“I’d love to know what TfL’s policy is regarding the Oyster cards – do they turn away these kids or is it the choice of the driver?

“This is an important issue and it needs to be sorted.”

TfL’s director of buses Mike Weston, said: “It is a passenger’s responsibility to have a valid ticket to travel.

“But we do have a policy in place that ensures vulnerable people, including children, are not left stranded.

“We are concerned to hear of this incident and have asked Go Ahead, who operate route 229, to investigate.”