The mother of a six-year-old girl from Woolwich has told of the moment her daughter was pelted with eggs after the Eltham Christmas lights switch-on, vowing never to return to the family event.

Angel Smith was crossing the road near the McDonald’s in Eltham High Street with her family when thugs launched eggs from the roof of nearby shops.

One hit a small boy on the leg, before another smashed Angel in the face, leaving her with a bruise.

Her mother Tracy Smith, 43, was walking ahead of her daughter when she heard her scream.

Ms Smith told News Shopper: "As I was crossing the road in the middle the boy was hit, then my little girl got hit in the face.

"All I heard was screaming, I didn’t know what it was, a firework or what that had hit her."

News Shopper:

Tracy Smith and daughter Angel, 6.

More than 5,000 people watched the illuminated parade of lanterns, created by hundreds of local children and their families, before the town's Christmas lights were turned on by Greenwich mayor Norman Adams.

Ms Smith, who has been a regular visitor to Eltham's parade for many years, said Angel had been having a "brilliant time" with her family before she was egged.

But she’s been left "really scared" after the attack, with mum refusing to return to next year’s council-organised parade.

Police officers patrolling the parade searched for the offenders who had managed to get away.


Ms Smith said: "Every time I have gone to the parade it’s always been really nice, this time it was just horrible.

"It just happened to be two little children that got hit, it ruined everything, it ruined the whole night.

"You don’t expect to take your daughter to a parade and that to happen."

She added: "I won’t be taking her anymore, I don’t want to risk it."

A spokesman for Greenwich Council said: "We deplore such anti-social behaviour and would encourage anyone with details of the incident to contact the police.

"The event was organised in close partnership with the police and to our knowledge this was an isolated incident.

"We sincerely hope that Ms Smith returns next year."