Avid reader Julian Burrows enjoys reading this column. He writes: “I’m not often moved to comment on events, but what I’ve heard on the radio and read in this excellent newspaper, has had just that effect, so here are my 5 thoughts”.

1. Jeremy Vine featured Andrew Marr’s comments on IS, which elicited various comments from listeners, one who said we shouldn’t antagonise them, or words to that effect. So, he is terrorised, as are those who said they cancelled trips abroad, or stopped going to London, which means IS has beaten them, when in fact anyone who is not IS antagonises them just because they aren’t IS. In my opinion Andrew Marr’s comments were bang on the nail.

2. Tampon tax is ludicrous, and if the only reason it is charged is because the EU says we should, then that’s just one more reason why we should leave the EU and go back to making our own laws and regulations for our own country.

3. The woman let down by the justice system, should have another opportunity to have her case put before the courts by a legal representative who has had time to act like a professional, and know what he or she is talking about. Why did that person not tell the court he or she wasn’t familiar with the notes, and ask for another adjournment?

4. Should safe winter walking really be up to the Government? It’s obvious why there are more accidents in November than August, because the clocks have just gone back and it’s darker, so what can the Government do about that? If you are walking you need to ensure you’re seen, so wear light coloured clothing, carry a torch, and be more aware than usual of moving traffic, especially when crossing roads in the wet.

5. Finally, if I hear anyone else say the National Health Service is free, I’ll probably collapse with a sudden surge in blood pressure. It’s free at the point of use only, but that’s because the majority of UK working citizens have paid for it out of taxable income all the time they’ve been working, whether they’ve had need of it or not.


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