An adventurous peacock named Gilly is still wandering round the streets of Woolwich after he was first spotted just over a month ago.

After hanging around in neighbours’ gardens the impressive looking bird flew onto Mike William’s house in Claydown Mews on October 23.

Now the bird, who has been described as friendly, is a frequent visitor to the area.

Mr Williams told News Shopper: “He just turns up in the morning for some food then goes off when it gets dark.”

“From what I have found out they lived by the army barracks pond which has been built on now so they have just flown off.

“Another lady has two more and I have Gilly which is his name so I am told.”


News Shopper understands the peacock was being bullied by two of its pals, which may be the reason for its decision to flee.

Mr Williams hoped to get the bird back to safety but hasn't been able to find a suitable home yet.