Possible alterations to flight paths into Biggin Hill Airport have been revealed as a new consultation gets under way.

A stakeholder consultation has been launched into plans to introduce a new GPS landing system at the business airport.

All flights currently approach from the north-east over Bromley borough using a GPS guidance system.

The airport claims the new system would mean around 30 to 35 per cent of current flights would not, in future, follow that route and instead "stay higher, making a direct and quieter approach from the south west".

Will Curtis, airport managing director, said: "These changes will bring benefits to all residents living around the airport - north, south, east and west.

"Residents living to the north west such as in Farnborough and Petts Wood will have 30 to 35 per cent fewer overflights, whilst residents to the west and south west will have aircraft much higher than is the case today and making much lower noise on our new guidance system."

Bromley Council’s executive will also make a final decision on whether to back a bid from the airport to extend its operating hours next Wednesday (November 25).

Flightpath Watch, a residents group opposed to the airport’s expansion, believes longer operating hours and flight path changes could attract noisier business jets and larger aircraft.

A group spokesperson said: "Any new GPS route is a requirement for a commercial airport, not a benefit for the residents.

"It will bring more noisy business jets and larger aircraft to the borough.

"Our greatest concern is that noise at unsocial hours is detrimental to the well being of residents and their productivity at work or school.

"Flight paths are important, but are a secondary consideration to the hours."

Airports must follow a procedure set down by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for airspace change.

The consultation will run for 12 weeks and the results will be studied by the CAA to see what measures can be taken to improve the plans and respond to comments put forward during the consultation.

If approved, the new flight path approach could be introduced during the autumn of 2016.

More information about the consultation is available at bigginhillairport.com/acp.