Let’s not focus on why I found myself in Tooting rather than Bromley this week, but suffice to say I did.

It’s a rare occurrence for PubSpy to escape the confines of sarf east London but this week I slipped the net.

It’s for that reason, I must also say hello to readers of News Shopper’s sister paper, Wandsworth Guardian. I’m the PubSpy, I review pubs. Don’t worry, I’ll wipe my feet before I come in and I won’t stay long.

Shopper regulars, don’t fear, I’ll be back on home turf next week. Perhaps think of this as a travel feature – ‘If you find yourself in south west London, here’s a nice idea…’ – that kind of thing.

My fellow drinkers reliably inform that had I come to The Trafalgar a few months early, I would have been sorely disappointed and that it’s only just opened after years of being closed down nothingness.

It would certainly explain why the place is immaculate. I’ve no idea what the building was designed as but it is properly massive. I like to think it belonged to the long-forgotten King of Tooting.

Considering the main road outside, there’s a surprisingly enticing outside area as you walk in (not that you’re after that at this time of year) and you’re confronted by a rather grand wooden bar with long arms of brass taps selling half a dozen lagers and ales, including a welcome and homely Meantime from Greenwich.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever struggle for somewhere to sit, this place is blooming massive with dimensions that dwarf the numerous tables and impressively high ceilings. There’s a whopper of a fireplace and a generally genial atmosphere.

It was a nice place to spend some time reminiscing with old friends as vintage pop played in the background.

Not that I ventured up there, because I didn’t fancy the prospect at having to look humble after winning another quiz, but there’s even more space upstairs too.

This pub may be new, so should be immaculate, but its pleasing décor was beyond just fresh paint. It was comfortable as well as clean.

Service came with a smile and relatively unusually for a pub, even came to us when we ordered food. Maybe we should have got off our backsides, though, because there was a charge.

Being in one of the trendier parts of town, it was not much of a surprise that the beers came to around fiver a piece and sausage and mash for £12.50 did nearly bring a tear to my eye. I was grateful, then, that it was faultless and even came with an unexpected bonus Yorkshire pudding.

Wandsworth Guardianistas, you’re lucky to have a decent pub in your backyard; and Shopperites, it’s worth a visit if you’re flush with cash and in the area. Now, how do I get back home?




The Trafalgar Tavern, High Street, Tooting

How it rated:

Décor ***** Impressive

Atmosphere **** A good place for a catch-up

Staff ***** Happy and professional

Price ** Bit of a wallet stinger

Drink **** Good selection

Food **** Pricey but tasty