Disgraced Sydenham paedophile Rolf Harris has allegedly been admitted to hospital after gorging on chocolate.

It is thought the sex offender, who has diabetes, has scoffed sweets and chocolate behind bars causing him to fall ill.

The former TV entertainer was reportedly snuck in through the side door of the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

The 85-year-old is said to be in a secure room on the infectious disease unit, where they treat ebola patients.


It is believed the native Australian has been taken there as it’s more secluded and less chance of the public spotting him.

The Guardian quoted singer Vince Hill, 81, as saying he has: “Sort of overdosed on chocolate.

“According to him, that was the scale of the problem ... he didn’t know he was eating too much chocolate.”

Harris was jailed for five years and nine months last July after being found guilty of a string of sex attacks on young girls.

He is serving his time at Category C Stafford Prison, where he is said to be painting murals.

It is not known whether he has returned to his cell or is still undergoing treatment.