Enticed by the welcoming deck terrace and views over the Thames, Pubspy decided to pay a visit to the Three Daws in Gravesend.

However a persistent drizzle dampened any ideas of sitting outside - and sadly the bar/restaurant doesn’t have riverside views, but looks out over West Street.

At one point, Pubspy's ears were pricked by a group of men enjoying a liquid lunch, who were speculating on a suspicious looking package being unloaded from a lorry.

"Is it immigrants?" one asked. "May be drugs," his companion piped in.

As the three gents craned their necks and peered into the street for several minutes, Pubspy did consider grabbing a camera and capturing the incident - which was sure to be a World Exclusive.

"Oh, it's just a fridge," the first man said - clearly disappointed as he returned to his seat. Perhaps not.

The pub itself has a warm, cosy, old-fashioned feel - which is increasingly welcome as November draws in.

The grub is unapologetically Kentish - with produce sourced from Sevenoaks, Dartford, Darenth, Wrotham and even a Gravesend butcher.

However, Pubspy’s cutting back on meat consumption and opted for potato dumplings (gnocchi) in a delicious red wine and paprika sauce.

It was very tasty, a real highlight. The mains are generally £7-8 and burgers start at £5.65, which is very reasonable.

Youngsters beware, the midday mid-week clientele was fairly old - like the pub itself, which dates back to the 1400s.

I left feeling warm and comfortably satisfied. Pubspy hopes to return in the summer, so watch this space.

The Three Daws, Town Pier, Gravesend , DA11 0BJ

Decor *** - a proper British pub

Atmosphere ***** - cosy and warm

Staff **** - friendly, but you order at the bar

Price ***** - great value

Drink **** - good selection of real ales.