The story of Frankie-Rose Lea, the little eight-year-old hero from Slade Green who battled cancer, has been dubbed a "miracle" by mum Michelle.

Frankie-Rose, who was diagnosed with cancer in her brain and spine on August 4 last year, has been given the news that the tumours are in remission following pioneering radiotherapy in the US.

Following a public appeal, the family raised £190,000 to fly the Haberdashers’ Aske’s pupil to Oklahoma City on November 25.

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Relief: Michelle Lea and her family

In the States, Frankie-Rose underwent six weeks of proton beam therapy in the ProCure Proton Therapy Centre.


Mum, Michelle Lea, 37, said: "It’s the best thing ever, like winning the lottery 10 times.

"I haven’t dreamt of anything else but now it is here it is very surreal.

"She has conquered it.

"She’s a superhero in an eight-year-old’s skin.

"You can’t deny the science, which has been a major part of it, but everybody who got involved made a difference - I do think it is a miracle.

"The treatment has only become feasible because people got behind us.

"Although it’s early days we’re extremely happy."

VIDEO: 'I'm not scared anymore' - Frankie-Rose Lea gives emotional speech about cancer treatment

Mrs Lea added: "It seems so unbelievable, we’re very proud of her.

"All we ever had was ongoing problems, while things have been getting better on the inside for Frankie-Rose.

"You get used to battling and worry starts to become a normal part of reality.

"I didn’t get what I expected, I got what I wanted."

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Frankie-Rose Lea fought the cancer for a year 

Mrs Lea and her family have thanked the public for the hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations raised for the expensive operation.

Proton beam therapy achieves the same cell-killing effect as conventional radiotherapy but differs because the beam of protons stops once it "hits" the cancerous cells, causing much less damage to surrounding tissue.

The trip, which required a flight to the US, will happen again but the next time the family fly to Oklahoma it will be for leisure.

Frankie-Rose will have an appointment early next year in the UK, with regular checkups needed for the next five years.