A campaign has begun to remember the famous suffragette Emily Davison and her connection to Blackheath.

Despite being born at Roxburgh House on Vanbrugh Park Road West and living in the area for many years her connection to Blackheath has never been publicly recognised.

Ms Davison is best known for her death at the Epsom Derby race where she stepped into the path of the King’s horse.

She was knocked unconscious and died four days later.

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Suffragette Emily Davison who was born in Blackheath.

The drive to install a commemorative plaque in Blackheath has been started by the Liberal Democrat London mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon, who described the suffragette as a "remarkable woman".

She said: "Emily Davison suffered repeated imprisonment and the brutality of being force fed as part of her fight to ensure that each and every woman should have the vote.

"She was born into a comfortable middle-class background and could have easily have chosen an easy life, but instead she put her principles first whatever the consequences for her.

"It is time that she is recognised by a blue plaque in Blackheath."

Ms Pidgeon has contacted English Heritage, urging them to consider her proposal.