Irish pop siblings The Corrs are back after ten years away and ready to take over the charts again.

In the late nineties and early 2000s, it was unlikely you would turn on a mainstream radio station for more than a few minutes and not hear one of The Corrs hits.

Songs like What Can I Do, Dreams, Runaway and Breathless helped soundtrack a decade and propelled the Irish band - made up of sisters Andrea, Sharon and Caroline and their brother Jim - to more than 30 million record sales.

But their 2005 album Home was their last, until now. White Light is out November 27 and has been preceded by their comeback single Bring on the Night.

Speaking to Vibe, violinist and vocalist Sharon Corr said: “We’re having a blast and appreciating it. It’s a privilege to do this, it’s a great job, so there is not much to complain about, I have to say.

“We’re loving it, there’s a lot of renewed energy. We have been writing some lovely stuff together so we are happy with the songs we have got on the album.”

In the decade between The Corrs projects, they have raised eight children between them while Andrea and Sharon each released two solo albums.

It was their sister Caroline who first broached the idea of reuniting musically.

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Mum-of-two Sharon, 45, said: “Something about it felt incredibly right. I think we were all ready for it.”

She added: “Caroline instigated it. I think she had been thinking about it for a while.

“We had never said never, we are a family, we hadn’t broken up – that would be way too serious and catastrophic. She rang us all and we were all open to it.”

And unlike other bands from the 90s who have had big reunions, The Corrs didn’t take the ITV2 route.

Sharon said: “We did it all in a very organic way, completely under the radar.

“We told nobody about it and we just went into a studio in London. We all wrote stuff at home, brought it in and found out if we had any good ideas together. The magic was there immediately.”

“The magic was there even more, which is kind of brilliant.”

Rather than getting back together for a payday or a blast of nostalgia, Sharon said the music was in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

She said: “We just sort of thought we would see if the music was there and if the music was there then everything else would follow.

“That’s actually the only way this industry works properly.

“It made me realise, oh my god, the music is really there and actually there’s more passion than ever.

“We have always been a band who have taken our musicianship and our writing incredibly seriously because if you are not doing that you are not doing what you say you do.”

Being back together was helpful for Sharon and her sisters and brother when dealing with the pain of the death of their 82-year-old father Gerry.

Sharon said: “I suppose one silver lining was we were spending so much time together so we could share our grief.

“Every time I came to London I could see in my sisters' face what I had been experiencing for the last few weeks. There was a great comfort in that and a great empathy. It’s reflected throughout the album and cemented our determination.”

Much has changed since The Corrs launched themselves the first time around. There has been a digital revolution, sliding record sales and there’s a lot less money floating around now than in the nineties.

“The fundamental thing hasn’t changed,” Sharon said. “The fundamental thing is: write great songs.”

Social media is a new tool for artists that wasn’t around during The Corrs’ first incarnation and Sharon was an early adopter of Twitter.

She said: “You don’t have a private moment now, which is awful, but also you can reach right across the world to places you possibly didn’t know existed.

“It’s incredible. I basically discovered The Corrs’ Brazilian fanbase via Twitter. I had no idea we had that many fans in Brazil.

“It has an incredible reach but the other thing about it is you need to be careful that it doesn’t distract you from what you fundamentally do, which is make music.

“Instead of doing selfies, sometimes you should be writing songs.”

The Corrs’ album White Light is out November 27, the single Bring on the Night is out now and their tour comes to The O2 in Greenwich on January 23. Go to