A prevalent youtube prankster was filmed busting his crazy moves in a Greenhithe ASDA store at 11.30pm last night (October 2).

Entertainer, Lee Marshall who plays the character Discoboy Lee Marshall, brought his unique dance fever to the ASDA Greenhithe, much to the delight of store members.

The 30-year-old, along with two other youtubers, ran amok, singing, dancing and prankster-grooving up on escalators and jumping on tills.

TOP STORIES: Speaking to News Shopper about his recent night fever antics at the Greenhithe store, Lee Marshall from Canterbury said: “It was good fun.

“You get addicted to the feedback from the audience.

“I really enjoy making the videos - you’re always trying better yourself and be more creative.

Eventually the public rave was brought to ahead by the security guard who asked the trio to leave.

According to the Kent entertainer, they left without fuss.

Mr Marshall, who works as a professional DJ in real life, has improvised his eccentric dancing in front of No. 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace and various police stations as Discoboy Lee Marshall.

Although featured on the popular Trollstation site, Discoboy Lee Marshall remains independent.

When asked about other entertainers trying to get on YouTube Mr Marshall said: “My advice is to do it for the love of it and not just the fame.

“I genuinely love doing it.

“I love to be a prankster.”