A Welling father and his disabled daughter were left outraged after allegedly buying an-out-of date drink - with mould and rot floating inside - from a Bexleyheath supermarket.

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Solids float in the Panda bottle bought for Mr Kibble's daughter 

Gary Kibble, 58, from The Green, was driving back home from a football match, with his wife and daughter Carol, 21, who has down syndrome, on October 17 when they pulled into Asda in The Broadway, Bexleyheath.

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Gary Kibble has been shopping at Bexleyheath Asda for a decade

Mr Kibble accidentally bought his daughter a rank blackcurrant Panda pop dated August 2015, which she almost drank.

TOP STORIES: Just as Carol was about to swig the mouldy drink, her mum caught sight of something floating inside it.

Mr Kibble said: "There was sediment at the bottom and mildew floating at the top of the drink itself.

"It is absolutely outrageous.

"To sell out of date drinks is disgraceful.

"It’s horrible."

Mr Kibble returned to the store to complain but claims no one listened to him.

He noticed another four drinks with the August 15 sell-by date on display but says staff didn’t seem to care.

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Solids settled at the bottom and a thick layer of mildew rested at the top of his daughter's drink

The loving father, who has shopped at the store for ten years, requested the company pay for his £36 shopping bill as a form of compensation.

They refused and instead, Mr Kibble was offered a £10 voucher.

He added: "The senior management did not seem to care.

"Head office did not seem to care.

"It was incredibly upsetting for my family and to come away empty handed makes it even harder to swallow.

"I tried to redeem my £36 pounds shopping bill but they couldn’t have cared less."

News Shopper:
The dreaded out of date Panda pop held by disgruntled daughter and father 

An Asda spokeswoman said: "At Asda we pride ourselves on being able to offer the highest quality products possible.

"We’re sorry for any upset and inconvenience caused to Mr Kibble and his family."