Dartford and Thurrock residents have saved £1million-a-year on Dartford crossings thanks to a local person's discount scheme, according to Highways England.

However, this equates to just £22.66 per person - despite some residents using the crossing on a daily basis.

The figures were released today (October 21) as crossing bosses reminded residents to complete their account renewals, and continue saving.

Dart Charge's local resident discount scheme has supposedly saved the 44,127 registered users £100,000-a-month since November.

A record number of people have now registered for discounts - a 14,000 or 32 per cent increase on last year.

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Project director Nigel Gray said: "It’s great that more people than ever are taking advantage of the discounts available to local residents using the Dartford Crossing.

"However, with Dart Charge’s anniversary approaching there are around 10,000 local discount accounts due for renewal over the next six weeks.

"Any local residents that use the Dartford Crossing but don’t have an account yet are missing out on significant discounts.

"There are tens of thousands of local residents not benefitting from the discounted crossings."


In last Monday's council meeting (October 12), leader Coun Jeremy Kite said he would not call the removal of the barriers at Dartford Crossing a "success" for local residents.

He told his fellow councillors: "We all know the only solution to this is a new crossing."