A Bromley man was left stunned after finding out he would be charged £4 if his daughter – who suffers from cerebral palsy - was over five minutes early for school.

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Martin McChesney

Trinity Church of England Primary School, formally known as Princes Plain, told parents in a newsletter that if their child was unaccompanied before 8.40am, they would be placed in the Breakfast Club.

Martin McChesney, 52, of Northover, is outraged that his ten-year-old daughter Scarlett could potentially have to wait on the streets to escape the £4 charge.

He said: “The year 5 and 6 children can walk to school on their own so I’m extremely concerned that if they arrive early, we’ll all be charged as they’ll automatically be put into this club.

“What other options do the pupils have if parents who work can’t afford that? They might have to wait outside of the school.

“These are 10 and 11-year-old children that we’re talking about – it’s dangerous.”

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Scarlett, Mr McChesney's daughter

Mr McChesney looked up various teaching websites which claim that half an hour before school starts is a normal time for a child to be on the premises.

The father-of-four revealed that the opportunity – getting into school early and interacting with her peers - was being taken away from Scarlett.

He added: “Even though Scarlett has a physical disability, we encourage her to do as much exercise as possible for her muscles.

“She loves getting to school early and reading to her mum in the car beforehand.

“I’m just incredibly annoyed with the whole situation.

“I mean the thought of my little blonde blue-eyed girl waiting outside school until the clock strikes 8.40am makes me panic.

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The original newsletter

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The announcement that angered Mr McChesney

“The school needs to be reasonable and allow children to come in and enjoy their surroundings from 8.15am until registration starts.”

The newsletter regarding the new rule was published on October 9.

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 A Trinity Church of England Primary School spokesman said: "School begins at 8.40 each morning with the early bell when children should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

“Alternatively, we open our supervised breakfast club which begins at 7.30. Trinity Church of England Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children."