It is believed 281,000 people in England are dependent on heroin. KCA Greenwich is an organisation helping to turn people's lives around. Reporter SAMANTHA PAYNE finds out more about the charity.

KCA has seen more than 500 people pass through the doors since it was established in 2005.

The charity, based in Woolwich New Road, Woolwich, aims to help drug addicts recover through a programme usually lasting between six and nine months.

At the moment it is helping around 100 adults from various backgrounds and working with organisations such as Greenwich Council's social services department.

KCA does not just cater for people on the streets and former offenders, but anyone with a drug addiction.

It has six staff working with people on an individual basis to create a care plan which suits their needs.

KCA service manager Simon Eve said: "Somebody might need harm reduction work, who does not understand the harmful nature of the pieces of equipment they use and the pulmonary and cardio problems they can cause.

"I'm hugely proud of the services we run.

"We have an extremely dedicated group of professionals who work really really hard."

He added: "We want to see these successes go from strength to strength and have more people accessing services at KCA."

The charity's prescribing service puts people on substitute medication such as methadone and subutex, which help wean people off drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Once people begin to beat their craving, they can then start to resolve other areas affecting their lives such as housing issues or childcare.

At the same time, KCA counsellors continue to work towards them getting completely off drugs.

A relapse prevention programme is also available.

This helps individuals identify the causes leading to the misuse of drugs, such as peer pressure, conflict within the family and mental health issues.

The charity also has an after- care programme which it provides by working with organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous Churches such as the New Wine Church in Woolwich also support the charity by making donations and providing Christmas hampers.

KCA is also supported by organisations such as Volunteer Centre Greenwich.

It helped decorate and paint the charity's complementary therapies room, which offers relaxation techniques such as aromatheraphy.

KCA counsellor Trevor Bailey, 47, said: "I absolutely love it; seeing the change and being part of facilitating the change.

"I like seeing some families being pulled back together.

"Watching the rebuilding of family units is very precious."

Former addict Sandi Walker, 36, used to spend £150 to £200 a day on crack cocaine and drink 15 to 20 cans of lager at a time.

But she decided to turn her life around when she fell pregnant with her son Trae last year.

The 36-year-old, from Woolwich, said: "He was a gift from God. He gave me a reason to live and climb out of this hole."

Sandi attended a rehabiliation clinic at Wickham Park House, London, last July and since then has been attending KCA two days a week.

She finished her programme at the charity last Friday and is now hoping to help others with addictions and do voluntary work.

Sandi added: "I have got a lot of vision and now know what I'm doing."

For more information about KCA, call 020 8316 0116.