A "supernatural" orb has been captured on camera emerging from a cloudy haze when a Lewisham man took pictures of the Cutty Sark.

Glen Harryman, from Brockley, said he "had goosebumps" after spotting the distinctive mark on his pictures which appeared on two out of the three images he took on Saturday evening.

The 42-year-old said it was "pure darkness" when he visited the historical ship at around 11pm.

He told News Shopper: "I was taking these photos and in the first one it was like a cloud of smoke with a shadow and a round orb in it.

"In the second one I took again it wasn't cloudy, it's just a brighter round circle.

"When I took it again there was nothing there."

News Shopper:

The first image Glen Harryman took.

News Shopper:

The second image

News Shopper:

The Cutty Sark returns to normal.

Mr Harryman even went into the nearby pubs to find out if anyone else had had any ghostly experiences near the Cutty Sark, but he had no luck.

He added: "It's something supernatural.

"I've never had that experience when I've taken pictures on my camera it comes out clear.

"It made me really go cold."

Mr Harryman wondered the paranormal phenomenon could have something to do with the Cutty Sark's long history.

The 280ft long ship has been moored in its dry dock at Greenwich since 1954, after serving as a clipper for Chinese tea, Australian wool and later an auxiliary vessel for cadet training in Greenhithe.

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