Biggin Hill Airport is preparing to introduce a new maximum noise limit, that will see a 50 per cent reduction on their previously envisaged noise level allowance.

Bromley Council has requested the measures in response to a proposal for longer operating hours at the airport.

The new measures will be adopted if the council approves longer operating hours, and will ensure noise levels remain no higher than they were in 2010 for the next five years, when the plan will be reviewed.

The plan will limit aircraft movements - defined as either a take-off or a landing - to 50,000 a year by 2020.

The airport will also introduce a noise monitoring and track keeping system to allow councillors and local residents to track every flight electronically and see clear information about noise levels in real-time.

Will Curtis, Managing Director of Biggin Hill, said: "This plan sets in stone the promises we have made, and gives residents certainty that Biggin Hill will remain a small, well managed airport with modern noise monitoring that will ensure it remains a good neighbour."

A final draft of the noise limit plan - drawn up in consultation with Bromley council officers and their noise consultants Cole Jarman - has now been submitted to the council for approval.

Curtis added: "If longer hours are approved by the council we will be able to generate the investment needed to deliver these protections.

"By voting for this package, councillors will be delivering more jobs for Bromley and new noise protections that residents do not have today."