An elderly bird spotter was in parrot-dise when a "rare" yellow bird landed in his Sidcup garden.

Jim Noble, 84, who has been retired for 24 years, photographs the birds, squirrels and foxes which frequent Marylands Drive.

The former Lewisham Council worker, who was a manager helping the elderly and handicapped, says green parrots are a regular feature at his bird feeder.

However the twitcher had never spotted their canary counterparts before last week, and the golden mimic has not returned since.

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Mr Noble told News Shopper: "I was so surprised, I just couldn't believe what had happened.

"All of a sudden, down came this yellow parrot.

"It was so exciting to me, and wonderful that this yellow parrot should come down amongst all the green ones.

"I was hoping to see it again, but I do not know - it's so rare.

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Mr Noble was 'proud' of himself for picturing the parrot

"I keep looking out for it. It was so uncanny.

"I was quite proud when it came down."

The honey-coloured chum was within a flock of green birds, who make themselves at home at the Noble's along with starlings, robins and blue tits.

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Jim and wife Jacqueline Noble

'The amateur bird spotter added: "I have six, seven, eight parrots-a-day coming down the garden - they come every day unless there's a cat about.

"I have had jays, which are unusual because they are very timid.

"I was hiding behind my screen.

"I have had so many types of birds, it's unbelievable."

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