Finding love in the 21st century feels like it should have gotten easier, there’s the internet for starters. But finding love at the click of a mouse is far from easy, as a hilarious – and wise - new book reveals.

Eltham-raised comedian Jo Burke has written iScream, a modern dating diary by a working class, thirty-something. But whereas Bridget Jones was fiction, Jo Burke is fact.

The book is winning rave reviews from readers praising its honesty, warmth and humour.

Balls of Steel presenter Mark Dolan gave iScream a glowing five-star review. He wrote: “Hysterical read - funny, warm and wise. Highly recommend.”

At Vibe’s behest, Jo shared excerpts from the book or perhaps we should say she shared some of the don’ts and, er, don’ts of finding love on the internet:

Message From Lucian:

Ciao Jo, how are you?

I like your profile. What do you think of mine?

If you want to find out a bit more about me get in touch... From tomorrow, 8 Jan, I'll only be available on my personal email as my 3 days trial is due to expire today 7 Jan...

Luca, the Italian ;-)

Ooohhh an Italian. Tall. His profile says 6”1. Unfortunately he describes his hair as short, which is rather cunning. In fact his photo proves he’s as bald as a Badger. Badgers aren’t bald are they? Why do we say that? Anyway I have a pet hate for adults, male or female, who insist on using smiling/winking faces throughout their emails. Don’t even get me started on abbreviations LOL!

ARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Luca is also not a big spender or serious about finding a significant other. Three day trial I ask you ...

Message From Demitri:

Hi Jo,

your descripion impressed me. You must have a very interesting personality.

Oh my God. This man is truly terrifying. I wish you could see him. Here’s his profile:

More about Demitri and what he is looking for:

I am very nice person. with specyfic sense of humor. I am interested in music, films, coputers and psychology. I would like to meet nice woman , who will fail in love with me. I live in london since 2004 and I dont know much people there.

Quite scary that he managed to spell “psychology” correctly in a sea of spelling errors. I’m a little concerned that the only reason he can spell “psychology” is because the word hangs above the door of his ward. Ahh bless him. Sadly I have little or no interest in “Coputers” and at this stage in the game it’s my honest opinion that I will not be falling in love with him. I can confirm that I will at his own suggestion “fail” to love him. On another note, Demitri, you’ve been living here for two years now you MUST know some people by now?

Jo Burke’s iScream is available as a paperback or ebook via her website  The final show of iScream which contains excerpts from the book is on Sat 3rd October 7pm at the Museum of Comedy. Book here.