Phones are usually frowned upon in the theatre but in these days when every OMG moment winds up on social media, it seems natural that a mind-blowing theatre show would be tweet-worthy.

That’s why Bromley’s Churchill Theatre hosted its first Tweet Seats yesterday with members of the audience (a trio of bloggers on this occasion) not just allowed to post their updates on social media during the show but actively encouraged.

The up-shot was an amusing companion to what happened on stage, and we can't quite work out if it's funnier if you know the show or you don't.

The show was Avenue Q, the multi-award winning Jim Henson-esque comedy musical puppet show that’s definitely not for kids.

It’s at The Churchill until Saturday.

Here’s the highlights from the first Tweet Seat:

Things got underway with pre-show selfies, naturally.

Impressive cast? Check.

Early show relationship tension

Cue flirty bears. Not every show you get that.

Sorry, what?

Fair to say the characters made a big impression

They’re puppets, but probably not the kind you’ll want to take kids to see.

Says it all, really

The audience clearly loved the show

Ah, the interval. A perfect chance for some refreshments...

We’ve all been there

Things got a little bit kinky

Interesting fact

It’s not just laughs

There’s education too.

And it all came to end too soon

The show was over but if those puppets’ aim was to brighten an evening, we’d say they nailed it.

Avenue Q is at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley, until Saturday. Go to