Bexley's council boss may be moving on, as Tower Hamlets gears up to appoint him as its new chief executive.

Will Tuckley is expected to be given the nod at tonight's (Aug 26) appointments sub committee meeting, possibly signalling the end of his seven-year career at Bexley Council.

Tower Hamlets released a brief statement ahead of the announcement, which reads: "Tower Hamlets Council will receive a recommendation from the Appointments Sub Committee to confirm the appointment of Mr Will Tuckley as chief executive and head of paid service of Tower Hamlets on a permanent basis."

In addition to his £189,123-a-year salary, Mr Tuckley currently gets a choices allowance of £7,221 and an expenses allowance of £3,108 for his position at Bexley Council.

He is also eligible for a one of bonus payment of five per cent of his salary, and can get a special election bonus.

Alan Deadman, Labour group leader for Bexley Council, said: "With the pending departure of Bexley's Chief Executive there comes a great opportunity to finish remodelling Bexley's senior management team, fulfil Labour's election pledge of not replacing the Chief Executive, and get better value for the taxpayer.

"In the face of huge cuts to council services, it cannot be right that the Chief Executive gets paid £200,000-a-year while many residents and council employees struggle to make ends meet on, or below the London living wage."