A pregnant Greenwich mum claims her kitchen is unsafe after a “massive” cupboard fell off the wall injuring her child.

Helen Jackson, 34, lives in Stanley Close with her two children, Courtney, 11 and Ben, six.

A resident of housing group Hyde, she claims Courtney could have been killed when a three foot cupboard came crashing down.

Her daughter, who was getting a cup from the kitchen cabinet when it began falling off the wall, cried out for her mum who rushed to help.

She said: “The whole thing came away from the wall, everything came towards her falling out.

“We couldn't hold the cupboard between us so we had to let it go because we couldn’t take the weight. Crockery fell cutting our feet and she had bruises and scrapes on her arm.

“Some of the tiles came off the wall when it came down. Big chunks of it were taken out on the corner.

“It’s a massive cupboard, if it had been my son he wouldn't be here.”

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The smashed crockery

Her son Ben, who has learning difficulties, was five at the time of the incident at the end of the last month – the day before they were due to go on holiday.

Ms Jackson, who’s seven weeks pregnant, added: “I lost all my cups, glasses, crockery, they were all in there. Now I'm living with paper plates and plastic cups.”

She has been trying to resolve the issue with Hyde as soon as she returned this week, and after fears her other cupboards were unsafe she removed all the doors. 

The stay-at-home mum added: “They want to glue the broken corners and put up brackets.

“I don't want brackets, I want a new cupboard. It doesn't matter what it looks like, it needs to be safe for the kids.”

MORE TOP STORIES But a spokesman for Hyde said: “It was clear that the cupboard could be safely re-secured to the wall with appropriate wall brackets. We returned to complete the repair but have, to date, been refused access by the resident to do so.

“We apologise, however we believe that the cupboards do not need to be replaced and are safe. We are happy to arrange for a surveyor to carry out a further inspection.”