Crime does not take a holiday - and neither do crimefighters, normally.

A masked vigilante known as the Bromley Batman has become famous for driving away street attackers in south-east London.

But while on holiday in Newquay, Cornwall, he apparently came to the rescue of John Salter, a graphic designer from Kingston, who had been accosted by a group of drunk men and punched.

Mr Salter, 35, told the Cornish Guardian: "One hit me in the face. Then out of nowhere a man wearing black with a bandanna and mask on, who was about 6ft with a stubbly short beard, jumped in to protect me and fought off the men.

"He said he was the Bromley Batman. Then he said, 'Enjoy your holiday.'"

The 'Bromley Batman' has spoken about his crime-fighting before, saying he preferred to be called 'The Shadow' as he fought crime in Lewisham and nearby Penge, south east London.

His message seems to be spreading.

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At least one person has wrongly claimed to have been saved by the Bromley Batman, when it in fact was someone completely different.

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