A Gravesend prankster who dressed up as a Queen's Guard and brawled with 'members of the public' outside Buckingham Palace has hit back at critics.

Disgusted viewers of a video, uploaded to YouTube channel Trollstation, have called for 27-year-old Daniel Jarvis to 'go to jail for making a mockery of soldiers.'

The five-minute long film shows the Whitehill Road resident dressed in the guard's iconic red jacket and fur hat.

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He yells 'make way for the Queen's Guard' outside tourist hotspots, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Horse Guard's Parade.

Fellow Trollstation actors - posing as members of the public - 'harass' Mr Jarvis leading to a number of brawls.

A Beefeater intervenes as the two men roll around on the floor outside the Tower of London.

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Outside Buckingham Palace shocked crowds watch as an other actor punches the 'guard' in the face.

One tourist shouts 'call the police' before beckoning the real guards over through the gates of the Palace.

On realising it is a joke the disgusted woman tells the men they are 'making a mockery' of the soldier's jobs.

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The video has been watched almost five million times and has attracted comments branding the actors as 'disrespectful' claiming they should be 'arrested.'

One says: "Total disrespect from all of the actors.

"The real guards would have skewered or shot the lot of you and would have done so legally.

"Don't see the brave actors harassing them. Go to Washington DC and harass the US equivalent guards or "play street theatre".

"Same result skewered or shot. Cowardly, sick humour and total disrespect."

Another adds: "If I saw that I would have knocked him out."

A third commenter said: "You need to go to jail for making a mock of true royal soldiers."

Mr Jarvis said: "I knew it was a good video but how mad it has gone is amazing.
"The people that thought it is sick, I don't really care about what they say, they are entitled to their opinion but they are watching it and engaging in it so maybe it is a good thing."