A bus 'exploded' on the main road into Blackheath village this afternoon (Aug 10).

Firefighters were called at 12.27pm, to reports the 108 bus was alight.


Eyewitness Vishal Mann, 34, works in Blackheath and noticed the smoking bus whilst on his lunch break.

He told News Shopper: "It was quite exciting.

"Everyone was already off the bus.

"The driver ran on and off, I think she was getting a couple of things.

"I saw a group of about 20 people standing with the bus driver.

"Then the bus went up in flames. It was very out of control.

"They have got sand all over the road now.

"The bus was cracking away and popping, no one was really going near it. It was a bit eerie."

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Picture: Vishal Mann

Mr Mann said a woman, thought to be a worker from a local shop, was trying to put the blaze out with a store fire extinguisher.

The Greenhithe resident added, due to a risk of explosion: "I wouldn't have wanted to be so close, but she kept a bit of distance from the fire.

"It was a bit dangerous [trying to put it out].

"It was quite dramatic.

"It was a scene out of the movies, a lot of drama during my lunch."

One fire engine attended, and the bus blaze was out by 12.40pm.

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Picture: Vishal Mann

Chris Holland, who was driving to the post office, said: "A large amount of grey smoke began to fill the air from a nearby bus, opposite Blackheath station.

"Then there were several bangs and flames started to pour out from the rear end.

"It was quite scary and people were beginning to panic a bit as it was very close to the shops and parked cars.

"Luckily the fire brigade arrived very quickly and managed to put it before it spread any further."

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Picture: Chris Holland

TfL’s Head of Bus Operations Ken Davidson said: “At around 12:30 on Monday 10 August, a route 108 bus was stopped due to a small on-board fire on Blackheath Village, close to the junction with Bennett Park.

"Emergency services attended the scene and the fire was extinguished. 

"All passengers disembarked the bus without injury.  There will be a full investigation into the incident.”

The fire was confined to the bus' engine.

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Picture: Ed Thatcher

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Picture: Helen Knowles

More to follow.

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